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Experiencing General Revelation

This past weekend I went on a hiking trip up Sharp Top Mountain with my friend Rob, a dear brother who lives in Lynchburg.  Since he lives right next to the Blue Ridge Mountains, we usually end up going on … Continue reading

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Baptist Catechism 27

Question 27: How doth Christ execute the office of a prophet? Answer: Christ executeth the office of prophet in revealing to us, by his word and Spirit, the will of God for our salvation (John 1:18; 1 Pet.1:10,11, 12; John … Continue reading

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Book Reviews to Come

Since I have a lot of reading to do for my classes, I come across a lot of good books.  From time to time I also come across some bad books.  I’ve decided it might be a good idea to … Continue reading

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Life Produces Blog Hiatus

Yesterday I finished my mid-term exam for my church history class.  Lots of reading to do for my other class waiting for me.  Hollie and I have finally found a house.  Lord willing, we’ll be closing on it soon.  Looking … Continue reading

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Baptist Catechism 26

Question 26: What offices doth Christ execute as our Redeemer? Answer: Christ as our Redeemer executeth the offices of a prophet, of a priest, and of king, both in his estate of humiliation and exaltation (Acts 3:22; Heb. 12:25; 2 … Continue reading

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Apologetics and the Church

Anyone who has been in the life of the church for any significant period of time probably knows of at least several Christian apologists who operate outside the confines of the church.  I’m not here to give names, but these … Continue reading

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Irish Articles of Religion

I recently came across one of the “lost” documents of the Reformation.  Adopted in 1615, the Irish Articles of Religion are definitely Calvinistic in nature and they represent the first major written step in the brief history of the Irish … Continue reading

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