Update on Christ Reformed Baptist Church

I love spreading good news.  After worship today, we were treated to a report about the progress of one of the church plants we support, Christ Reformed Baptist Church in Charlottesville.  Their soon-to-be elder, Daniel Houseworth, have a presentation on the growth of the church.  It was truly a blessing for us to see the fruits of the Holy Spirit moving through that area.  In supporting them, we are only the instruments.  God is the one who grows His kingdom.

They are still a relatively small church, but they are already impacting the local area.  Like most college towns, Charlottesville is a very secular city–heavily prone to the rationalism and unbelief indicative of its most famous resident, Thomas Jefferson.  I have no doubt that Christ Reformed Baptist Church will confront this cultural milieu and boldly proclaim the Gospel.  We continue to pray for them to that end.

Dr. Jeff Riddle is the pastor of Christ Reformed Baptist Church.  A few years ago we hosted him in our pulpit as he preached on Reformation Sunday.  It was such a great joy to hear about their progress today.  My prayer is that will we continue to create and support new church plants here in the Commonwealth.  Praise God for expanding His kingdom in our midst!

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