Good Catechism Resource

As we go through the Baptist Catechism this year on my blog, I just wanted to pass along a valuable resource to help in that task.  Last year I picked up a copy of A Scriptural Exposition of the Baptist Catechism authored by a little-known 18th century Baptist preacher named Benjamin Beddome.  He’s perhaps better known as a hymn-writer, but he also devoted his talents to expounded upon the Baptist Catechism in greater detail.  You might say that Benjamin Keach and William Collins provided the bones while Beddome provided the flesh.

This is an excellent supplement to the Catechism.  In many of those churches where the Heidelberg Catechism is used, evening services are done each Sabbath in which they preach through the catechism.  I wonder if we Baptists can’t do the same (or maybe at Wednesday night services) with the Baptist Catechism, using this wonderful resource in the process.  It’s just a thought I had, but I hope it catches on.  Praise God for giving us Benjamin Beddome who in turn blessed the church by pointing us all back to the truths of Scripture.

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