The New Campus Culture

Yesterday Al Mohler posted his thoughts on the increasingly degenerate culture permeating college campuses across America.  Specifically, he talked about the new situation at George Washington University where they now have co-ed housing on campus with added demands for “free” birth control.  Predictably, this is being hailed as a “progressive” development.

As Mohler points out, the irony here is that GWU originally began as a Baptist institution to mold students for service in the church.  Yet this irony is nothing new.  Many schools like Harvard and Yale began as Christian seminaries.  Over time, Christians lost control of these institutions and today we see the inevitable result.  The world took over.

So how ought the church react to something like this?  Most Christians reading about this aren’t terribly shocked that a secular university is acting in this manner.  We’ve come to expect this.  Academia is known for opening to the doors to this kind of thing.  What else is new?  What we don’t need is yet another moralistic sermon condemning the world for being worldly. 

The church needs to remain solid in her stand for biblical truth.  There’s no room for compromise when it comes to institutions promoting sexual immorality or a multitude of other sins.  At the same time, we need a renewed effort to evangelize places like this.  Faith comes by hearing the Word and the Gospel must be proclaimed boldly, even in the halls of academia.

I think many Christians are intimidated by secular academia, the result being either compromise or total retreat.  We need to remember that God is sovereign over all things, including evangelism.  A degenerating culture on campus is not an excuse to flee but rather an opportunity to bring light to an even darker part of the world.  This is our duty as Christians.

Truly, there is nothing new under the sun.  Christians who engage the ivory towers of academia are simply emulating the Apostle Paul who engaged the intellectuals of his day when he took on the philosophers at Mars Hill (Acts 17).  The church is routinely mocked just as Paul was mocked by the Athenians.  Let us not shrink back in fear.

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