“Covenant Song”


Brought by God the Holy Spirit to trust Jesus Christ the Son,
We, the church of God the Father, as his people join as one.
Having been, our faith professing, baptized in the Triune name,
We, in joy and holy earnest, do this covenant now proclaim.

We will work with love and patience for the Spirit’s bond of peace.
As we pray, we will endeavor to see holiness increase.
We will warn, exhort, encourage, as occasion may require.
We will seek to love each other, ever quick to reconcile.

We will not forsake assembling, nor neglect to serve in prayer.
We will seek to teach the gospel to those God puts in our care.
We will bear each other’s burdens and in sorrow share our tears.
We will celebrate God’s blessings, sharing in each other’s cheer.

We will strive to walk in newness, free from worldly lust and sin,
As proclaimed in our immersion, “Dead to sin and raised with Him!”
We, our presence, gifts and service, to this church do now commit.
We will keep her faith and practice; to her discipline submit.

Should the Lord be pleased to move us, we will seek to quickly find
An assembly of like doctrine with a covenant of like kind.
May the grace of the Lord Jesus with God’s love upon us fall;
May the Spirit’s sweet communion be forever with us all.

This is a modern hymn, but one which I think is definitely worthy of incorporating into our worship.  We sung this hymn in worship today and it was not a coincidence since we also had our annual meeting of the church membership.  We elected two new deacons and took care of other business.  I love how this hymn emphasizes what it means to be part of Christ’s church.

Indeed, the lyrics transport us from the salvation of the believer to baptism and to sanctification as well.  We see in detail what it means to be part of the church, including submitting yourself to church discipline.  In an age where Christians treat church membership in a very flippant way, hymns like this one are needed now more than ever.  It’s a valuable lesson to us all…set to music.

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2 Responses to “Covenant Song”

  1. Brian says:

    What tune is this hymn set to?

  2. I’m not sure, but here’s a blog posting about it with an audio link:


    Hope that helps!

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