My First Teaching Opportunity

This past Sunday I had my first serious teaching opportunity.  At Covenant Reformed Baptist Church, we two morning classes that are taught before the worship service (we call this the “equipping hour”).  One of them is a systematic theology class and we’re using Wayne Grudem’s book as our main text.  I expressed a desire to teach one of these classes and the elders were gracious enough to give me that opportunity.  The audio is linked below:

The Communicable Attributes of God

If you have the time, then please take the opportunity to listen to my lecture.  It’s roughly an hour and I managed to get a pretty good recording.  Please feel free to critique my lesson (politely) and let me know what I’m doing right and, more importantly, what I’m doing wrong.  Lord willing, I’ll be teaching again in the future and I would take to work on my skills as a teacher.  I know some of you reading are teachers, so please fire away!

In full disclosure, I have a speech impediment and there are times when you’ll hear my stutter during the lecture.  So please don’t hold that against me.  Also, I have a mixed audience–everyone from 7 to 70.  At CRBC we worship together with the entire family.  The same is true for our lessons.  I just wanted to point that out as well.  Anyway, I appreciate any of you taking the time to listen and I look forward to your responses.

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2 Responses to My First Teaching Opportunity

  1. Daniel Franzen says:


    I will listen to it when I get a chance. Look forward to hearing it. Were you wearing a bow tie while you taught and did it affect your presentation at all?


  2. Daniel:

    I was indeed! I’m not sure if my tie affected the presentation, but it certainly suited the whole teaching motif. 🙂

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