What is a Reformed Baptist?

One of the comments I got on my introductory post asked a very good question: what is a Reformed Baptist?

To say it as simply as possible, we are Reformed and Baptistic.  We are Reformed in our theology while at the same time embracing the baptism of believers alone (or credobaptism).  Looking back in history, we were known as “Particular Baptists” in the 17th century and came out of the larger Puritan tradition.  What we believe is articulated in the 1689 London Baptist Confession.  Lay it side by side with the Westminster Confession (1646) and you’ll see our Reformed pedigree. 

We have a rich heritage and I hope to explain more of it in this blog in future posts.  The history of the churches who are today called Reformed Baptists is too broad to include here.  For the record, I believe that what we confess as Reformed Baptists is the most accurate and correct expression of Christianity.  Again, I’m not sectarian by any means, but I know what I believe and why I believe it.  What I’ve said here is not exhaustive, but there are articles linked below which explain Reformed Baptists is greater detail:

Reformed Baptist?

What is a Reformed Baptist?

I hope this helps!

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