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Pray for Korea

I was going through my devotional readings today when I came across this familiar passage in Matt. 24:6-8… And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the … Continue reading

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“Covenant Song”

Lyrics: Brought by God the Holy Spirit to trust Jesus Christ the Son, We, the church of God the Father, as his people join as one. Having been, our faith professing, baptized in the Triune name, We, in joy and … Continue reading

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Debate on the Apocrypha

This is a debate on the canonicity of the Apocrypha between Roman Catholic apologist William Albrecht and Reformed apologist TurretinFan.  I’ve studied this issue quite recently in my church history class, so much of this is still fresh in my mind.  … Continue reading

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Bavinck Book Sale

Before I forget, I wanted to mention to all of my readers that Reformation Heritage Books is having a huge sale on selected works by Dutch Reformed scholar Herman Bavinck.  Many of his works have just recently been translated into … Continue reading

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No Wind in the Reformed Sail?

This week the Barna Group released new data which seems to contradict the idea that there’s a resurgence of Calvinism within the church.  Most of data concerns the theological persuasions of pastors, not so much the aggregate church.  Even so, … Continue reading

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A “Scientific Pope”

Today in our church’s systematic theology class, we studied the doctrine of creation and specifically how necessary this truth is in terms of laying the foundation for other essential doctrines of the Christian faith.  Naturally this topic sparked a lot … Continue reading

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For Seminary Students…

Over at the Alpha & Omega Ministries blog, Jamin Hubner posted this humorous piece about the reactions people give him when he tells them he’s a seminary student.  It’s funny because it’s true.  In my own experience, the last response is usually … Continue reading

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